He fingerpicks with the delicacy, assurance and color of Nick Drake; sings with the bell-like clarity and gentle high end of a lost Finn brother; and writes Anglo- and pop-inflected folksongs with the offhand grace and deceptive sophistication of early James Taylor, Richard Thompson or Sir Paul himself.” - John Burdick

HV 1 Art and Music

Jude Roberts writes and performs evocative folk songs with authenticity and grace.  His music is a melodically rich tapestry of woven language.  Jude's song, "Suzanne", written for Holocaust Survivor Tommy Wald, was featured in the 2022 PBS documentary "We Remember: Songs of Survivors"; as was an earlier composition entitled "I Don't Need To Tell You".

A 2018 Falcon Ridge Folk festival Emerging Artist, Jude writes songs influenced by English, Irish and Appalachian folk music, with touches of baroque and Romantic-era classical pieces and European folk/pop.  A unique amalgam of style and talent, Jude Roberts draws the listener inward and invites them to dive deep.

Having traveled extensively throughout Europe for performance and pleasure, he launched a project leading music-focused retreats to Greece in October 2019. These tours will resume in 2024.

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