He fingerpicks with the delicacy, assurance and color of Nick Drake; sings with the bell-like clarity and gentle high end of a lost Finn brother; and writes Anglo- and pop-inflected folksongs with the offhand grace and deceptive sophistication of early James Taylor, Richard Thompson or Sir Paul himself.” - John Burdick

HV 1 Art and Music

Evocative and refreshingly melodic, Jude Roberts’ music makes you feel you’ve rediscovered a song you never knew. His record “Perfect Shell” showcases a diversity of songwriting styles and captures the connectivity of a live performance. Jude was selected to perform at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 2018 as part of the Emerging Artist Showcase. In 2019, he collaborated with the SageArts project to create a song based on the life of Holocaust survivor Tommy Wald. This song, “Suzanne”, will be one of four songs featured in the upcoming documentary, “We Remember: Songs of Survivors” to be aired on PBS in early 2022.   

Having traveled extensively throughout Europe for performance and pleasure, he launched a new project leading music-focused retreats to Greece in October 2019. Although global lockdowns postponed the planned July 2020 retreat to Santorini, this project will resume in 2022. 

Jude’s sound is influenced by English, Irish and Appalachian folk music, with touches of baroque and Romantic-era classical pieces and European folk/pop.  A unique amalgam of style and talent, Jude Roberts draws the listener inward and invites them to dive deep.

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