1. The Flood

From the recording Perfect Shell


The river is raging
The sea is rising
There’s a storm cloud on the horizon
So get ready, oh get ready for the flood

I ain’t no Noah
Ain’t no Poseidon
But I hear thunder and I see lighting
I hold steady. I’m gettin’ ready for the flood

We are fighters
We are lovers
We are mirrors for each other
Changed my direction, saw my reflection in the river

We are prophets
We are deceivers
We are gods with no believers
Thought we were playin’. Now we’re prayin’ to be delivered

We had called the sea to overtake us
We had dared the wind to bend or break us
And we thought we heard no answer
We were wrong.

So I’m gonna’ make love
Gonna’ make beauty
Let it wash o’er me, let it run through me
Let me be the vessel with a heart that is nestled on the river

Help me Noah! Help me Poseidon!
Got a heart full of thunder and a head full of lightnin’
But I hold steady. I’m gettin’ ready for the flood
I hold steady. I’m getting’ ready for the flood.