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Safe and Free

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I got up to go to work today
There was no work for me
Governor closed my shop, he say
To keep me safe and free

I've had my shop for twenty years
It feeds my family
And now we have to stay inside
To keep us safe and free
To keep us safe and free

Called my dear old mother
My mother said to me
“Son, I miss you dearly
But you cannot come to tea”

“The children miss you Mamma
They're healthy as can be.”
“A hug could kill their Grandma,
Keep them all away from me.
Keep me safe and free”.

Giant tech and billionaires
And pharmacology
Spinning like a top to move
The wheels of industry

Amazon and Walmart
The consumer pedigree
They can do their business
Because anyone can see
They keep us safe and free

Technocrats and robot gods
And blind authority
Sell your soul and pray to them
They'll keep you safe and free

Biotech behemoths
Say they have a shot for me
I trust them with my body
And forgive them for their greed
If it keeps me safe and free

Keep us safe from terrorists
Keep us free from germs
Keep us from the danger
Of the wisdom we have learned
Until the books are burned

Governor says to wear a mask
I cannot disagree
I cannot breathe or speak my mind
At least I'm safe and free

I'll wear my mask for you my friend
You wear your mask for me
Worried eyes and faceless fear
Is all that we can see
Sure feel safe and free

Keep us free from choices
Keep us stuck in blame
Keep us in a toxic state
Of poverty and shame
While they run their game

I'll open up my shop today
Even if they come for me
If I can't feed my family
We're neither safe nor free

I may not be a scientist
And I'm damn sure not a priest
Ain't a fool on God's Green Earth
Can keep life safe for me
So better I live free