1. Summer Girl

From the recording Perfect Shell


When she walked by she turned all the boys’ heads
I was no different from the rest
One look at her my eyes were wed
Until Death to be obsessed

And in summer’s crazy haze
We would pass the lazy days
And at night she was my world

Every thing for me was she
Everyone but me could see
She was just a summer girl

Autumn came she turned to another fool
She gave him all my memories
She changed her song, as lovers do
It got colder by degrees

And as winter’s caustic bite
Crept upon me overnight
Her brown eyes became my world

Every thing for me was she
She was all that I could see
And she was my summer girl…

I’m told she turns with the seasons
I’m not the first to be deceived
I know she has her reasons
Summer always has to leave

But I will remember yet
Nights of indigo and sweat
When I reveled in her world

And as far as I can see
She will always be for me
The eternal summer girl

Summer girl, summer girl, she was just a summer girl…