Fall On Your Sword, Mr. Fauci

Rude Joberts

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Fall On Your Sword, Mr. Fauci

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Jude's alter-ego, Rude Joberts, wishes our illustrious Dr. F well on his "retirement" from public office.

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Recording Credits:

Jude Roberts: music, lyrics, lead vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar 
Celia Farber: Bass drum, triangle 
Rob Norris: Cowbell 
Mike Merenda: Snare drum, violin 
Ruth Merenda: Harmony vocals 
Secret Weapon #1: electric bass 
Secret Weapon #2: keyboards, harmony vocals 

Recorded and mixed by Mike Merenda at Humble Abode Music 

A Truth Barrier Production




You are the foil 
You are the fake 
Forty years later 
Still on the take 
Funny how time hasn’t tarnished your name 
Maybe you’re finally out of the game 

You are the shyster, you are the shill 
Running your racket on Capitol Hill 
You are the sentinel, you are The Science 
Of an immense and unholy alliance 

You are the hero in your own book 
You could be Nero, you could be Hook 
You could be someone but not anymore 
Now you’re the world’s biggest industry whore 

So fall on your sword, Mr. Fauci 
Daresay you won’t be missed 
Another ruthless thug will surely take your place 
But at least we’ll never have to see your smug and smiling face again 
And again, Mr. Fauci 
Dishonor, dissemble and twist 
History will airbrush your sordid lies 
But deep inside I think you know 
It’s time to say goodbye 

We are the workers 
We are the bees 
Spreading disease 
Dreaming our dreams in a terrible mess 
You are the Doctor, you think you know best 

We are the people, the petulant masses 
You fill us with pills, you spray us with gasses 
Inject us with fear in a media blitz 
Scaring and selling us out of our wits 

Selling us out to a ravenous power 
While Kissinger laughs in his ivory tower 
A killer, a thief and a consummate liar 
I’m here to set those lace panties on fire! 

So fall on your sword, Dr. Fauci 
Welcome to your Waterloo 
Our naked little emperor falls from grace 
So why it is we’re forced to see your smarmy face again? 
And again, Dr. Fauci 
You’ve artfully dodged your due 
The knots that you have woven will take decades to untie 
The W.H.O. and how and where of it, the what and when and why 
I’d ask you how you sleep, but it would only make me cry 
You’ve put your greedy fingers into every fucking pie 
Haven’t you had enough, my friend? 
It’s time to say goodbye! (Goodbye…goodbye…goodbye)

© 2022 Jude Roberts, ASCAP